A steampunk band from Brno, Czechia.


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Let's move to England's Victorian period where mischievous and violent adventures live. There is a tavern where the music never ends. The music is made by an old piano that never stops playing. Each time it plays, it creates a whole new song that moves the whole audience...

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About us

Unique music

Music composed by AnyWild is strongly associated with a modern way of rock with a hybrid of various styles. In the music, you can find unique and interesting concepts such as:

  • Swing
  • Irish folk
  • Oriental music
  • Waltz
  • Country

The lyrics are mostly based on a sci-fi genre called steampunk which is associated with the historical Victorian era. The mood of the lyrics is fun, joy, party and sometimes it has an unexpected point of the story.

A few words about us

AnyWild was formed in 2021, by the cooperation of two best friends, in Brno, Czech Republic. The band has further grown into a five-member team of musicians and friends. In the line-up, you find a piano, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and pleasant female singing with male accompaniment.

The image is based on steampunk elements, theme costumes and stylish decorations during our performances. Each member of the band has its own animal patron, which represents its characteristics. On stage, you will find the elements of these animals that complement the atmosphere of the whole performance. During the show, the band emphasizes not only the musical side but also the theatrical elements that will prepare the audience for an unforgettable experience.

The mission of AnyWild is to spread joy and positive vibes among the audience.

About us Discography

Men section of AnyWild band

Upcoming events

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Concert - Lanzhot, CZ

September 4, 2021

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